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The contest for this month was....

Draw (on computer or off computer and scan if possible) and write a description of a new species that you want! Remember that only the Anazali can shapeshift and talk to animals.

The finalists are....
(The entries have been adapted to how they will be on the page if they are chosen, the pictures have been drawn by you and will not be altered unless the contestent wishes so.))

The Mey-Tae
Number 1: The Que-tae (q-tay)
People of the Mystical Equine.
The Que-tae are the people of the mystical equine. They have a horn like the unicorn and the wings of a pegisus. They have equine tails and a very closly related to the Bey-Shah. The Tae and the Shah often find themselves in love due to the fact they find the other species so enticing. The Tae are often gentle and loving and when it comes to their animals they cannot be kinder.
The Shea-Unia
Number 2: The Shea-Unia (shay-u-nee)
The Poeple of the Unicorn
The Shea-Unia people admire unicorns. Like their sacred animal, they have long horn on their foreheads. The Shea Unia people mostly have mystical streaks in their hair and a gold, silver or bronze horn. They are mostly very mysterious and shy but still very elegant. The mostly live separtly or with heir intermident family. Once a year, all their people gather among the unicorns and sing and rejoice.
The Nym-pha
Number 3: The Nym-pha (ni-him-fa)
The People of the Plants
The Nym-pha prefer to wear loose-fitting clothing that blends into the forest like their skin and hair. Some wear headbands or crowns of laurel leaves; in the Christmas, holly. They usually hate shoes and go barefoot, although will wear loose slippers on occasion. Nym-pha's have either brown or green skin, of all different shades, and brown or green hair. Most have green, brown, or hazel eyes, as well. They are the people who caused the legends of nymphs, and are actually very much like the legends. They tend to be quiet and softspoken, although there is always an exception. They, unlike the other species, are not people of an animal but people of the plants. They are people of the earth and are often farmers or hunters due to their closeness with nature.
Fru-yik (froo-y-eek)
People of the Otter
Number 4: They have soft downy fur covering their bodies; it comes in white, gray, brown, black, or any variations of those colors. Their eyes are large and round, and they have small rounded ears. There is webbing between their fingers and toes, and they can hold their breaths up to an hour. The Gri-sna like to hunt them for their pelts, though, so beware when an invasion comes. Fru-yik are amazingly agile beings, almost as a ky-raen. They are very playful, not always doing what is right, but what is fun. Most are not nobles or rulers, finding it too stuffy, but some do turn out to be great leaders. In short, if you want to have fun, be a Fru-yik, for they are masters of it.
Number 5: Shi-tek (shee-take)
People of the Serpent
These species have soft scales, their colors are always in patterns, the more vivid means it is more poisonous, unless it is a mimic. There are three types, Strikers, Spitters, and Players. The Strikers are the most venomous, and their big toe is a rattle which they can shake when angered. They are the least aggressive of the three. The Spitters can only strike down, but they but can spit venom at an opponent, blinding them. They are quick to anger, and quick to lose their anger. A player is not poisonous. They are the fastest of the three, and are also most aggressive, though they have no venom or fangs. Some are constrictors, so watch out! Although looked down upon by most species (not the ma-drak, they think of them as grounded dragons), they are patient and cunning, knowing that they will be needed in an invasion by the Darkagans. Their long, limber bodies enables them to do amazing twists and turns. They are carnivores.
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