Welcome to our Valley.
If you have a family with more than 3 generations in Dawning's Edge then you quailify as famous. Send in the information that the other familys have!
People To Treat With Care
The Phoenix Family
The Anee Family

When you first join there are a few people that you should watch out for. They are powerful people and have gotten their power the old fasioned way, they earned it.
Listed in order of Player's Rank:

Ramirez Regan Anee (Bandit)
Tatiana Mari Pheonix (Gypsy)
Revijanki Pheonix (Bandit)
Ramhis Ray Anee Jr. (Bandit)
Calisto Anee (Bandit/Theif)
Jewlia Anee (Bandit)
Thalassa Wyst-Phoenix (Bandit)

If you think your character should be on this list then send me their name, occupation, a detailed explaination of why and 3 other characters (not players) that think so too.

The Phoenix Family

Family Head: Tatiana Mari Phoenix
Kin Mother: Rynne Phoenix
Living Members: Tatiana, Revijanki, Thalassa and Rynne (Goddess)
History: The Phoenix Family is the only family that dates back to the orininal species founder. Rynne, the Phoenix Kin Mother, was the first Ri-kin born from The Creator. She married a young Kin man named Alexander Eagle but kept her own name. All her daughter's carried the Phoenix name and never they refused to give up their heritage. Alexander, although he loved his wife, took their son and left her because he couldn't stand that his children would not take his name. As you can tell the Phoenix's have always been very proud. Of Rynne's five daughters only one found a man that would love her enough to let her keep her own name and raise her daughter's as Phoenixes. However she gave birth to four sons and only one daughter. That daughter had one daughter and that daughter had one daughter until we got to Mariama Phoenix, the mother of the Phoenix's today. Mariama's mother died of sickness when she was only eight, leaving her to care for her father and 7 brothers. Her eldest brother (Tarek Prince) still lives today as a 15 year old after being turned into a human again from a wolf by his Anazali daughter. Mariama's father died only a short time after in the war and her entire family was orphaned. Tarek, who was already in his 20s, had already married and left, but her next oldest brother treated her like a slave. Making her do everything and beating her if she didn't. Finnaly she was sick of it and ran away, meeting up with Tala Wolfspeaker (her neice, daughter of Tarek) who was only a few years younger than her and Madek Masada, a young peacekeeper. Together they helped bring the war to an end but not without sacrifices. Mariama had been sold into slavery at one point and was beaten and raped by her overlord. Eventually she made it away safe and came to Dawning where she met her husband, Ramhis Ray Anee. They had two sons, Ramirez Regan Anee and Ramhis Ray Anee Jr. as well as 3 adopted daughters (Tatiana, Revijanki and Thalassa). The Goddess Rynne and Mariama performed a ceremony that tied the three daughters the the family and made them Phoenixes, not only in heart but in blood, body and soul. They are the future of the Phoenix Family and it all lies up to them. Revijanki who became Queen of Theives, Tatiana the Gypsy Queen and Thalassa the Princess of Theives. All under protection of the Goddesses Rynne and Dezra.

The Anee Family

Family Head: Ramirez Regan Anee
Founding Father: Ryamheris Anee
Founding Mother: Shanaha Martiana
Living Members: Calisto May, Ramirez Regan, Jewlia and Ramhis Ray Jr.
History: Ryamheris and Shanaha gave birth to three children. Tyler was the first born, then his twin brother Regan and then Bethan 4 years later. All three came to Dawning when they were still young. Tyler, current Anee family head, fell in love with a woman named Wynter and they had one child, Ramhis Ray Anee, before she left. Regan fell in love with Calista Lai, they had no children. Bethan, however, had a slightly more interesting love life. Her first boyfriend was a boy named Gabriel Clark, the adopted son of her adopted mother's boyfriend (like I said, interesting). Unfortanatly it would never last. Julian Clark and his son left before either relationship could go to far. Jewlia Anee was given the Anee name by Bethan and also developed the famous Anee spirit. The family then moved to Enchanted and Bethan had a breif encounter with a man named Harley but it was not love. Some time later they came back for a short while and Bethan had a daughter named Calisto May Anee, named after Calista Lai Anee with a noble named Caleron. Calisto does not have the Anee Spirit. Bethan died in a fire in her castle at Enchanted where she was full time regining queen, 13 months after Calisto was born. Tyler died at age 22 and Regan died later the same week, also 22. Then our story goes to the last three Anees. Ramhis Anee fell in love with Mariama Phoenix, head of anouther prominent family, and with the merging of their families there became a great stengh in Dawning. They had two boys (Ramirez Regan Anee and Ramhis Ray Anee Jr.) and three girls (See The Phoenix Family). Calisto is currently 14 years old and had a breif romance with a man named Ravyn Starborne who left just after the raid. Jewlia Anee died a very old woman before the raid and was reborn from Jasmine. She is now a child again and vows to watch over the Anee line. Ramirez Anee, the new family head, is an Old Soul (a reencarnation). During his other lives he has always been a great king. Many times he was the leader of Theives, Bandits, Warriors and Gypsys but once the leader of nobles and once the leader of Commoners. He has been many different people but always a leader, he has much to live up to and is proud to have been born into such an honorable family.