Dawning's Edge is closed perminently but you should be able to find another great game on this list. On this list are only games I belong to myself. Do not e-mail me asking to be added.

Nox Noctis ~ Dies Diei
Night and Day

THis is my RPG. It is a shape-shifter RPG with occupations, clans, cities and magic. Feel free to bring back your DE characters, I am. I play Mariama Phoenix, Andrek Wolfmage and Kyanna Harper.

This is a great game made by the VP of Dawning's Edge. I am currently co-vp. It is a great RPG with wonderful style and a great story. I play Sunaline, Xandran and Taraen but am currently not activly playing.

Dragon Kingdom
This is one of the greatest RPGs. It is so much more than just a Dragon RPG. You really should check it out. I play Mariama, Ramirez, Lily and Kootenai.