Welcome to our Valley.
"Life is nothing if you don't have an imagination.

DE is a role playing game based on a novel I am writing, all consepts are mine and they are not to be copied.

You shake your head, trying to shake the confusion from your mind. One minute you were on earth and now you are somewhere else! A new planet of which you have never seen before. People rush by, if you could call them that! They are strange, you eye them curiously, some glance back with welcoming smiles. Others scowl and leap into the air, flying away on strange but beautiful wings.
This is a game that takes place almost entirly on message boards with the exception of quests and races, maybe a bit more later on. You talk face to face with the other characters on over 25 message boards! You can be a human species or an animal in the animal kingdoms and you can even but your own home!

Dawning's Edge Stats:
  • Countries In DE: Greater Arkayna (Sunsia) and Lesser Arkayna (Darkaga)
  • Country Inhabitants: Ma-Drak, Ri-Kin, Au-flin, Bey-Shah, Ky-Raen and Anazali.
  • Arch Rivals: All the inhabitants of Darkaga/LA.
  • Country Size: The size of the entire North American Continent.
  • Ammount of Country Unexplored: 0% thanks to Aura
  • Clothing Styles: They where a mix of modern clothes and medievil clothes depending on position and species.
    _____Nobles: Modern/Medievil ballgowns and suits.
    _____Hunters: Tunics and leggings.
    _____Warriors: Tunics and leggings, sometimes modern clothes if they prefer them.
    _____Servent: Long, old style dresses and old tunics and leggings.
    _____Merchant: Anything they want.
    _____Town Drunk: Anything they want.
    _____Farmer: Overalls, dresses, farm clothes.
    _____Thieves and Bandits: "Revival Clothes" they generly dress in styles from old Earth civilizations, they prefer medevil, roman and egyptian but will wear anything.
    _____Commoner: Long old dresses, tunics and pants.
    _____Anazali: They were all (mostly) born in the wilderness so and raises by animals so they have no real modesty and wear as little clothing as possible (see Anazali pic on species page)