Welcome to our Valley.

Challanges begin today, make sure you totally understand the rules of challanging BEFORE you challange.
Human Kingdoms
The Animal Kingdom
The Rural Districts
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Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the rules of challanging.

The Royal Castle
Ruler: King Jason
Occupants: Nobles and Servants
Weather: Stormy
Status: Not Challangable
Kingdom of Theives
Ruler: Queen Mariama
Occupants: Theives and Bandits
Weather: CLoudy but warm
Not Challangable
Warrior’s Alliance
Ruler: King Galen
Occupants: Shang, Knife Fighters, Swordsmen, Archers and Peacekeepers
Weather: Cloudy with showers
Not Challangable
The Realms of the Gods
Ruler: Dezra
Occupants: Lesser Gods and Goddesses
Weather: Bright and Sunny
Not Challangable
Activity Boards
Occupants: None, all occupations are welcome to visit.
Weather: Mild showers

Ruler of Drunks: King Caleb
Not Challangable
If you wish to open a store please e-mail me.

The Animal Kingdom
Supreme Ruler: Sabor
Occupants: All animals, NO HUMANS ALLOWED!
Weather: Rainy
Not Challangable
The minor ruler postitions cannot be challanged for, if the ruler is doing a bad job and 3 different inhabitants of that area think so then they can go see the Supreme Ruler and overthrow them.
Wolf Ruler: Taksha
Occupants: Wolves
Dragon Ruler: Silver
Occupants: Dragons
Enchanted Equine Ruler: Victory's Devil
Occupants: Unicorns, Pegisus and Pegicorns
Horse Ruler: Icen
Occupants: Horses, Zebras, Mules and Donkeys
Pheonix Ruler: Rose
Occupants: Pheonix
Wildcat Ruler: Apatchie
Occupants: All wildcats
Forest Ruler: Swiftfoot
Occupants: Deer, Elk, Wolverines ect.
Ocean Ruler: Hunter
Occupants: Sharks, dolphins, all water animals.
Jungle Ruler: Iceshadow
Occupants: Panther, Tiger, Jaguar, Snakes ect.
Backyard Ruler: Chessie
Occupants: Cats, Dogs, other house pets

Challanges happen on the 2nd and 4th saturday of each month. You can challange until the following saturday or until the ruler wins one challange against them. Then no one can challange until the next challange day.
All challanges must be put in the throne room of the kingdom you wish to rule.

NOTE: Each player can only challange for ONE KINGDOM at a time, if you do not win that one then you can challange for anouther but you must wait for results. If you win that kingdom then you cannot challange for anouther kingdom until the next set of challanges. It is possible for one player to hold all kingdoms but it would take a long time and a lot of luck.
Challanges are final.