Justa few thank-yous and such...

-Sheila- a person I have known for a very long time and someone who has become a great friend. I'm honored to know you.

-Callie- I never could have done it without you. *hugz* Thanks for making the internet a fun place to be.

-Lindsey- Jr. High never would have been the same without you! I'll never forget...Horses do eat the bazaro world.

-Erin- Hey there Er Head. *giggles* Lets see how much you screw up my life now that we are in high school!!!

-Tera- Not a friend but certainly someone in my life. You kept life interesting.

-Sarah- I haven't seen you for a long time but you will always be my friend.

-Stephanie- Friends at birth, how can I forget you. Will you ever let me forget that I'm a day older?

-Christina- How can I forget you! Thanks for everything!

-More....- Megan, Brandy, Annalise, Ginette I'm sure I forgot lots of you but I'll be adding more as they are needed!