My Horses
Only one of our horses is mine but I'll give you some info about the 3 horses that live on our farm. *smiles*

Joker is my 16 y/o TB gelding. Just cause he is 16 doesn't mean he's old. He has won me lots of ribbons! I have jumped, done a bit of dressage and done lots of other stuff with him but my Joky is mainly a western horse. We do alot of barrel racing but mostly pleasure riding. We have our barrel time down to 22 but if we had more preactie we could probally be in the 19's.

Boots has been around since I was just a baby. We got him when he was 4 and he is now 19 so that shows you how long we've had him! I started out riding him when I was younger and did all kinds of stuff, english and western. He was quite the jumper for a fat old sorrel QH. *laughs*

Flirt is the baby around here. She is a 5 year old appy with TB background. She's about the same height as Joker but quite the lazy little flirt. *grins* She's my mom's main horse now since she is so smooth and my mom hurt her back.