Welcome to our Valley.
Adopt an Abandoned Character
Just like any other game we have members that join and we never hear from them again, now we can give those poor adandoned characters a new home. Just post on the news board (with your name and the stats of the character you want) if you are interested in one.
I apopoligse if you are still playing this character but unable to come on but I rather have them being played then not being played.
  • Rogue/ri-kin/dajan_warrior/male
  • Kahilli/bey-shah/hunter/female
  • Ranyah/bey-shah/noble/female
  • Be-layr/bey-shah/hunter/male
  • Keyoko/bey-shah/archer/male
  • Laalea/ri-kin/hunter/female
  • Kyiia/ma-drak/hunter/female
  • Kitiana/au-flin/noble/female
  • Incognus/ma-drak/peacekeeper/male
  • Shaklar/au-flin/hunter/male
  • Arella/au-flin/noble/female
  • Grace/que-tae/peacekeeper/female
  • A'ciala/que-tae/shang_warrior/female
  • Aeryan/ma-drak/swordsman/female
  • Kaleb/ma-drak/archer/male
  • Sirius/ma-drak/archer/male
  • Analiah/ma-drak/shang_warrior/female
  • Morian/ri-kin/archer/male