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Minor Characters
Minor characters are pawns, they have "dummy" occupations and no real lives, they cannot fall in love or really even have friends, they are pawns used to enhance dramatic situations but you MUST regester them with me so I know who they are.
  • They have there own set of occupations (some overlap) and if you want to sugjest a new one just e-mail me.
  • They can be killed but only by the person that has them regestered
  • They can be slaves
  • They can be minor characters such as old loves.
  • They CANNOT talk by themselves, they can only talk in the messages of one of your other characters.
  • They have no gold of their own.

    Minor Characters cannot injure any main characters, they are for dramatic value only. They follow all the other rules as well as there own. If you abuse the privlage of having them I will take that privlage away.
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