Welcome to our Valley.
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The Human Kingdoms
The Animal Kingdoms
Explore Dawning
All horses must be played in Unbound Spirit if you want to play them, they don't have to be freed, your characters can still own them, but they have to be played there. Don't forget to join again so I know you will be playing there. Unbound Spirit
The Royal Castle
Ruler: Queen Blairah
Occupants: Nobles, Jesters and Servants
Not Challangable
Kingdom of Theives
Ruler: King Ramirez Anee
Royal Court: Queen Revijanki (sister)
Secondary Court: Princess Thalassa
Occupants: Theives and Bandits
Not Challangable
Warrior’s Alliance
Ruler: Queen Destiny
Occupants: Shang, Knife Fighters, Swordsmen, Archers, Peacekeepers and Miscellaneous Warriors
Not Challangable
The Gypsy Empire
Ruler: Queen Tatiana
Occupants: Gypsys
Not Challangable
Dawning Village
Ruler: Queen Noalani
Occupants: Commoners, Hunters, Merchants, Wanderers, and Farmers
Not Challangable
The Realms of the Gods
Ruler: Tyger
Occupants: Lesser Gods and Goddesses
Not Challangable
The Animal Kingdom
Supreme Ruler: Barlent
Occupants: All animals, NO HUMANS ALLOWED!
Not Challangable
The Sprite's Forest
Occupants: Sprites only, NO HUMANS ALLOWED!
Supreme Ruler: Queen Lynnmarie and King Solomon
Spring Meadow Flock Ruler: Queen Daisy
Mystical Waters Flock Ruler: Queen Star Bright
Enchanted Oak Flock Ruler: Queen Skye
Not Challangable
Challanges happen on the 2nd and 4th saturday of each month. You can challange until the following saturday or until the ruler wins one challange against them. Then no one can challange until the next challange day.
All challanges must be put in the throne room of the kingdom you wish to rule.

NOTE: Each player can only challange for ONE KINGDOM at a time, if you do not win that one then you can challange for anouther but you must wait for results. If you win that kingdom then you cannot challange for anouther kingdom until the next set of challanges. It is possible for one player to hold all kingdoms but it would take a long time and a lot of luck.

Challanges are final.