Welcome to our Valley.
Key Rules
Automatic Suspention for breaking any of these rules.
Absolutly no harming animals on this game. NONE AT ALL. Got it?

This may not be totally a kid's game but try to keep it PG people.

You need to talk to someone long enough for them to tell you the name and color of a horse before stealing it. It doesn't count if you overherd someone say it to anouther person, it has to be to you.

No killing (with exception of Minor Characters, see page for details.)

No porn

No swaring

Keep fighting to talking from now on except contolled training for warriors. This is a temperary ban until I deside if you are capable of not taking it to far.

You must put your characters real name in the name spot at all times except for the following exceptions: (1) a thief in the royal castle and (2) In the messager service when sending an anounimus gift. That is it.

No Wars. If you have a problem you must settle it ruler to ruler or person to person.

No magic with exception of the animal magic of the Anazali.

From now on if you make up a character or animal without going on a quest or asking me you will be imediatly suspended from the game.

All characters MUST have last names because more than one person can have the same first name.