Welcome to our Valley.
Lord or Lady- lords and ladies are able to become the king (or queen) of the casle and they hold many parties and talk. They don't run or play a lot but they often have mock fights and such. They don't often fight except when insluted and hold consider honor to be wonderful. They are often stuck up and love to command servents to do things for them. They must pay servents to do things for them but they can get money by selling things they find on quests. Starting Gold: 250 pieces.
Hunter- the hunters are those that bring meat into the kingdom for the noble's feasts and such. They can either sell it in the market place or make clothes and weapons from the hide and bones. They are usually very smart, excellent trackers and very rich.Starting Gold: 100 pieces.
Dajan Warrior- Dajan Warriors are trained from the age of 4 to fight and do not use any weapons. Their feet and fists are deadly and could take on any knight easily. They are experts at all methods of fighting but they still perfer to fight with what they were born with. They help defend the planet against raids. (it is just a coincidence that they have the same name as a continent) Starting Gold: 50 pieces.
Knife Fighter- Knife (or Dagger) Fighters mostly started out as theives and commonly still are. These fighters are quick as cats and just as deadly as any other warrior even if their weapons seem small. They are smart, stealthy, cunning you would be a fool to take one on. They help defend the planet against raids. Starting Gold: 50 pieces.
Swordsman- These swift and charming men and women are experts at one of the most traditional meathods of fighting, they have speed and the guts to stick through til the end. They help defend the planet against raids. Starting Gold: 50 pieces.
Archer- Archer's are the only fighters that can fight from a distance, they prefer the this meathod of fighting above all. They are often slightly small for warriors but don't lack the courage to get into a hand to hand fight either. They help defend the planet against raids. Starting Gold: 50 pieces.
Peacekeeper- Peacekeepers are the freedom fighters, they keep the peace between the species and stop fighting. They have lots of power and if they seperate you it would be in your best intrest to do as they say. Starting Gold: 30 pieces
Miscellaneous Warriors- the above may be the most common warriors but there are others as well. Experts with whips, kick-boxers, staff fighters and throwing star fighters are just some. If you choose this occupation when you join please put what your character is an expert as in the "Comments" box. Starting Gold: 30 peices
Servent- servents may seem to be boring when the nobles are around but when they are in their own room they are full of fun and laughter. Love is always around and although they must jump at the noble's call life is not boring or dull. They must be payed by a noble if they are in their service but the noble desides how much. Starting Gold: 25 pieces.
Merchant- merchants make shops in the Marketplace and sell things to the other members. When they join they must put the name of their business in the "Comments" part of the joining form and I will add it to the Marketplace and then they will post what they want to sell. They can be enterinters that sing, dance, tell jokes and other things or an artist or a horse trainer too.Starting Gold: 25 pieces.
Gypsy- gypsys are people of their own, they are very secretive and private people but in their own kingdom they party hearty and never stop. They tell stories around the camp fire, practice fighting, dance and just have fun. They are the only people other than bandits and theives that can steal but they tend only to steal items, never gold, and steal in groups. They are also not suttle theives either. They take what they want and run, enjoying the thrill and risk of being challanged to a duel. Gypsys are often spectacular trick riders and can make money putting on shows for nobles! Starting Gold: 20 peices.
Wanderer- wanderers generly have stories to tell. They can be any of the other occupations and they are always interesting people to joke with and love to do fun and exciting things. Starting Gold: 20 pieces.
Town Drunk- the town drunk is the life of the party and he's always broke! They spend all their time in taverns begging for more and often end up working there too so they can get more to drink! Starting Gold: 20 pieces.
Farmer- You guessed it, they farm. They make money by selling their goods in the market. They are a rough bunch but they are hard working and suprisingly smart. Starting Gold: 20 pieces.
Jester- Do I really need to explain? They joke, they play, they try to entertain the nobles. They are jesters. Thats all I need to say. Starting Gold: 15 pieces.
Theif- theives live in the kingdom of thieves and often are very secretive but often kind-hearted. They have little places to go in their own kingdom so they go to different places and pretend to be one of the other occupations under a fake name (not someone else's though) so they can steal from the people there, see Theives in how to play. They are the less ruthless of the inhabitents. Starting Gold: 10 pieces.
Bandit- bandits live in the kingdom of thieves as well and can become quite ruthless. They love nothing more than to have fun and to make others suffer (keep it within the rules of cource). They follow the same rules as theives. Starting Gold: 10 pieces.
Commoner- commoners depend on merchants or nobles to give them handouts or jobs. They are a rough bunch but a lot of fun. They get in a lot of fights and love how they act. Starting Gold: 5 pieces.
Depending on which occupation you choose you can also have other occupations but only if you train for them, with the exception of merchants which anyone can be without training. A noble cannot be a warrior because they are all non-nobles but if they give up their title they can train to be a warrior.