Welcome to our Valley.

I know everyone hates rules but these gotta be red so please do! Only you can prevent yourself from having your horse racing business shut down or your horse disqualified!
  • Only TBs age 3 can race.
  • Racing pedigree TBs can cost cost between 20 and 25 gold peices. Nothing else.
  • If the sire and/or dam have raced in SR races before and have won enough to get a title there offspring can be sold for up to 50gp but they must ask me before charging so much.
  • Each person can only enter up to 3 horses in a race.
  • Anyone can race a horse, regardless of rank or class.
  • You can not breed a race horse unless you retire it.
    A horse can get certain titles when he or she has won a certain amount of money. These titles are posted below, sorry bout the spelling errors.
  • Champion (Ch.) - 500 gold
  • Division Champion (DCh.) - 750 gold
  • Regional Champion (RCh.) - 1000 gold
  • Provintal Champion (PCh.) - 1500 gold
  • National Champion (NCh.) - 2000 gold
  • Continental Champion (CCh.) - 2500 gold
  • World Champion (WCh.) - 3000 gold
  • Universal Champion (UCh.) - 3500 gold
    If a horse reaches the Universal Champion status it must be retired and used for pleasure or breeding.
    Its foals may be sold for 50 gold. If bred to anouther Universal Champ the foal can be sold for 75 gold.