Welcome to our Valley.
Ma-drak (Mah-drak)
The Draks are almost a mix between there kindred animal, the dragon, and humans. They are the people of the dragon, they each sleep and live for there most loved aniamls and also honor the serpents because they are a land version of dragons to them. These people consider the Dragon to be almost a god because of there magestic beuty and rare talent. Ma-drak People have skin the color of dragons and large wings.
Abilities: Flight, Respect of Dragons
Ri-Kin (Re-Kin)
The Kin could almost be mistaken for angels due to there appierence but they are actually the people of a rare type of phoenix. They honor a rare pastal phoenix that most people do not see except for them due to the fact they are very shy except around the Kin. They have very light colored (lilac, pink, baby blue or pale green) skin and their hair is always extremly light shades. Even more amazing are their large transparent butterfly like wings that they can change the pigment in to become invisable. They are a more gentle type of person than the Ma-draks that share their this world.
Abilities: Flight, Their tears heal
Au-Flin (Ow-Flin)
These creatures are the only ones in our world that can live under water. Flin's are generly live underwater but they are able to survive on land for as long as they wish. They are funloving creatures that often act a lot like dolphins, inosent and childlike. They have two legs, like humans, but their feet are webbed and they have gills. ((like the guy from waterworld))
Abilities: Breath underwater, Ocean Animals won't hurt them
Bey-Shah (Bay-Shah)
The Shah are people of the horse, they adore all animals but horses are there favorite. They could own hundreds and still love and take care of them all. They are part horse in nature and seem to be a race of horse masters. They have long hair that flows down their back like manes, even the males, and tails so they often need there clothes adjusted. Their skin is also the color of horses but they have hands and feet, just like humans.
Abilities: Speed, Extrodinary training abilities
Ky-Raen (K-Eye-Rain)
The Raen are the people of the cat. Their entire culture revolves around the animal and they have become acting very similar to the cats they love. Meaning they tend to act quite stuck up, as if they were the best species ever. They have short hair the color of cats that cover their entire body but normal human like hair on the top of there heads. They also have cat ears and tails, unless you are a manx Ky-Raen, and large cat eyes that have pupils that expand in the dark.
Abilities: See in the dark, Great Hearing
Que-tae (Ku-Tay)
The Que-tae are the people of the mystical equine. They have a horn like the unicorn and the wings of a pegisus. They have equine tails and a very closly related to the Bey-Shah. The Tae and the Shah often find themselves in love due to the fact they find the other species so enticing. The Tae are often gentle and loving and when it comes to their animals they cannot be kinder.
Contest Winner- Submited by Corri
Abilities: Flight, Healing w/ Horns
Anazali (Ah-Na-Zal-Ee)
These people are known as the Zali. They were first outcasts but after a pioneer of our world (read introduction) paved the way they became some of the most respected. They are the most human like of all the Sunsia species but that does not mean in the slightest that they are the most human. They are the only ones to have magical powers. They have a type of magic that allows them to be one with the wilderness and talk the tongue of animals. They always have two names, their civilized name and the name the animals gave them. You cannot join as a Zali, you have to ask for one specially and no one can play more than one Zali.
Abilities: Talk to animals, Become animals, Transform others into animals by merging souls (for more info talk to Tala or Tarla), Animals want to help them