Welcome to our Valley.
Welcome to the Warrior Olympics!
Only warriors can participate. They will battle eachother in a format much like that of the challanges to prove which is worthy of the title Ultimate Fighter. Please sign up below. Afterwards there will be a feast, hosted by Former Queen Tala and Lady Fighter Jasmine, in honor of all the particpants in the Warrior's Barracks. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Robyn: 2
Wrin: 4
Poseidon: 9
Robyn will advance to the next round.
Shang Warriors:
Dan: 9
Stelya: 10
Shariku: 11
Aura: 8
Jasmine: 9
Aura will advance to the next round.
Caleb: 5
Zahir: 6
Caleb will advance to the next round.
Knife Fighters:
Persia: 6
Luke: 7
Benny: 8
Volpa: 6

Persia: 7
Volpa: 8
Persia will advance to the next round.

Madek: 9
Tala: 10
Madek will advance to the next round.
Robyn (Archer)
Aura (Shang)
Caleb (Swordsman)
Persia (Knife Fighter)
Madek (Peacekeeper)

These 5 people will be placed in a simulated battle enviroment used for the training of the king's warriors in the old world. Many did not survive it then. When they come out, the 2 that were hurt the least will continue on to the Finals.

Robyn: 7
Aura: 6
Caleb: 8
Persia: 6
Madek: 10
Aura and Persia will advance to the final round.

Aura (Shang)
Persia (Knife Fighter)

In the finals the two fighters will take eachother on using only the weapons they have been trained with, Persia will be given 2 daggers and Aura only her body to fight eachother gladiator style. They will have 3 rounds to compete, the one with the least hits after the 3 rounds are over will become the Ultimate Fighter.

Round 1:
Aura: 8
Persia: 10

Round 2:
Aura: 8
Persia: 8

Round 3:
Aura: 5
Persia: 4

Total Hits:
Aura: 21
Persia: 22

WOW! That was close but the final winner was Aura! She now has the privlage of signing her name Ultimate Fighter Aura and all others in the compition have won 100 gold just for participating! Everyone can now go over to the Barracks for a feast beyond words!