Welcome to Dawning's Edge!
Don't forget to check out the all the first visit pages for info about all the different aspects of Dawning's Edge (DE)! And if you feel as if you want to play more people you can always take a quest or buy a animal which you can play in the Animal Kingdom! If you want to open a store just e-mail me and don't forget that help is only an e-mail away! Don't forget to add your names to the taken names page!
WARNING-If I ever get grouchy there is more than likely a reason so just bear with me. This is a VERY hard game to run and most people don't understand that. I have put hundreds (leterly) of hours into working on this game and I work very hard so I don't appriciate people messing it up.
If you enjoy my game and own a web page of your own, I would very much appriciate it if you link to http://de-game.tripod.com with the below banner:

If you ever need help feel free to e-mail us and we'll try our best to help you any way we can.
Enjoy the game!
Owner and Operator: Nichole (me)
  • VP: Tara