This map is Aura Sarauka's famous map, she traveled far and wide and had many adventures and all to create the first map of all Arkayna in over 50 years. The landmarks and newly discovered continents are named by her for those she loves.

Greater Arkayna GA is the continent were the 'good guys' live. Some of our bandtis have come from Lesser Arkanya but we are still better off than the others. It is also called Sunsia or GA.
Lesser Arkayna is the continent that all the really mean people were sent. It is also called Darkaga or LA.
Dajan Named for Aura's mother and father (Dragon Mistress Daja and King Auran), it was the first new continent discovered, we now know that that is were the people of the former guild, Cinity, live..
Taraen is the second continent Aura discovered. It was named for Aura's adopted aunt and uncle (King Galen and Wanderer Tarana). It is not inhabited.
1 is the city we live in, Dawning, the center of everything. The city where all the kingdom rulers are. The rulers here are the rulers off all in Greater Arkayna.
2 is Janki's Inlet, named for Aura's best friend, Revijanki.
3 is Zarih Strait, named for Aura's first love.