Welcome to our Valley.
BEWARE: Not all quests end well. You understand the risks before taking them. You can die however it is unlikly in a quick quest.
Only one quest at a time, please wait for resuts before posting another one.
Quick Quest
On a quick quest you can fill out the form and get the results by mail. You can't search for anything worth more than 15 gold though. If you find a valley, meadow, stream ect. and you want to name it after a loved one or in memory of someone e-mail me and I will add it to the list!
Long Quest
Long quests you post a message on the message board and you actually get choices as where to search, you also can meet up with evil animals, darkagians and other nastys. You can search for anything but gold here though (still not dead people) even Gift Mystics. Thanks to Christina for letting me use the idea. Only Mary and I post the results of your long quests. When taking a long quest make sure to post what weapons and animals you have with you, you can take a total of 3 things with you.
The Mission
Don't know what to search for? Want to make a name for yourself? Just plain looking for danger? This is your dream come true then!

Your name:
Character Taking Quest:
What Woudl You Like To Search For:
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The Mission
Everyone knows that The Creator exhists but not many have actually seen him/her. But The Creator has a magical tool hidden deep in the Elemental Valley. If you can make it to The Creator's Orb without dying first and touch it then The Creator will come down and grant you almost anything, even bring back the dead! She will grant almost anything but if you get to greedy she will turn you away to find your own way out of the Valley. The Creator's Orb is a sphere of liquid mercury enclosed in a magical crystaline covering, if you can get it then you can be a hero! Elemental Valley is very dangerous and this is not a mission to take lightly. The valley is very pretty but also extremly dangerous. Missions take place on the Long Quest board.