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If you ever need help finding a friend find me, Pearl, for help.
Basic Rules
Horse Rules
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  • Use common sence
  • No swaring
  • No Badmouthing other members
  • No killing anouther character
  • You can't kill yourself, get captured if you must or disapeer.
  • Pretend fighting is allowed, but no going to far.
  • Keep chit-chat and real life conversation on OOC boards.
  • In the game you obey my rules or I will ban you from the boards.
  • I can change the rules at any time, although I pobally won't without lots of notice.
  • You can age whenever you like but you may never go backwards in time and funny enough it is possible for your own children to be older than you!
  • No two horses cannot have the same name, the horse that was here first gets the name.
  • I give you 3 strikes, you disobey the rules 3 times and you will be permitly suspended from the game.

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  • All challanges must be made on Leader's Cliff.
  • You can only challange the leader of your own herd.
  • You can change herds any time as long as you notify the herd leader.
  • You must live in one of the 4 herds at all times.
  • A mare can have a foal 2-3 days after she gets pregnet.
  • Then she can not have a foal for 1 week.
  • A horse has to be 3 years old to breed.
  • Twins are rarely born and even rarer have both survive, especially in the wild, keep that in mind.
  • Both horses must concent to breeding before a foal can be born.
  • When both mother and father are at the breeding board I will post the results.
  • Marriages must take place in front of your herd leader, who will perform the cerimony, and be witnessed by at least two other horses.
  • Mares cannot lead the herds, only stallions.
  • Colts cannot lead herds either.
  • Mares can lead the Herdless.
  • To get a new board added to a herd you must first find a meadow, lake, clover patch ect. on an adventure and then e-mail me to get it added.

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    If you are a member of Dawning's Edge as well and you would like to free a horse one of your character owns then you can use this form. You can also use this form to capture a horse but only if you are the player of the horse.
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